Tina Handl

Artist As the daughter of two artists she grew up in Vienna, Berlin and Crete, making her quite the multicultural person. From her grandmother, she learned the skills of a passionate seamstress. She studied ethnology combined with archeology and human biology. Her diploma thesis “Ritual clothing and shamans” takes her to Mongolia for field research. […]

Megan Lillick

Creative Empowerer and Marketer Driven by the power of co-creation and her calling to support individuals and teams in finding and feeling empowered by their own creative calling, Megan Lillick is a creative producer and somatic bodywork practitioner who helps people find their fun and flow. As a recent addition to the handl.e pictures team, […]

Dr. Tanja Gluding

Organizational Sociologist With a long history as an organizational sociologist, Dr. Tanja Gluding has spent the better part of two decades lending her expertise to companies — especially to those in phases of growth, development, restructuring or strategic refocusing. An expert in her field, Tanja has multiple degrees and qualifications, including a master’s degree in […]

Lea Kruse

Filmmaker, Director As an filmmaker and director, Lea Kruse is driven by a need to observe and explore the deeper levels of human behavior and then bring the characters to life in an authentic, multidimensional way. In putting those skills to use for handl.e pictures for numerous art actions over the past 15 years, Lea […]

Kyra Marie Zoe Hense

Artist For the past decade, Kyra Marie Zoe Hensel has been guiding and co-creating with groups at various handl.e pictures art actions. Full of creative energy, charm and lots of dynamic cultural experiences, Kyra is always happy to be part of the team. She thrives on being able to bring out the best in those […]

Kirsten Hense-Handl

Co-Founder and Artist When corporate leaders who participate in handl.e pictures‘ art interventions come out of an event amazed that they, too, can create pictures and express complex subject areas artistically, Kirsten Hense-Handl is beyond satisfied — she’s thrilled. To Kirsten, the formative power of art creates valuable, tangible insights that are often easier to […]

Ernst Handl

Ernst Handl

Founder, Visionary and Artist

“My favorite thing about art is becoming one with the picture — both creating it and dissolving into it.”