Team-Building Workshops

Our Mindset

Teams are highly complex units within a company with individual personalities who take on defined professional roles and have their own individual needs as well as professional expectations. They do not work in isolation but as parts of the company and are expected to cooperate with other teams, clients, investors and different stakeholders in the sense of a networked organization. This requires a high level of understanding, trust, communication and willingness to work together. Contemporary companies strive to dismantle silo and hierarchical thinking while still creating clear structures. They also need to be able to react quickly to economic changes and manage resources, especially manpower, efficiently. For teams, this means, above all, countering ambiguities and facing up to changing challenges in a flexible and adaptable way.

Your Request

  • You are looking for a team action that strengthens communication, commitment and trust, as well as sharpens the focus on the efficiency of the processes in the company.

  • You want to understand your employees, achieve success for the company with them and be on the road to even more success together.

  • You are looking for ways to strengthen your (international) teams in the age of hybrid and home offices and digital collaboration and to be recognised as one cohesive team connected near and far.

  • You are planning an offsite and are looking for an effective and sustainable way to connect your employees as a team and foster team spirit.

Our Approach

  • The complexity of our collective art actions will convince even the most avowed culture mongers. Beyond triviality or lack of seriousness, we know how to challenge teams, discover their creative core and develop a common spirit. The experienced division of labor and the individual contribution to the successful result form an experience that activates affiliation, enthusiasm, self-worth, responsibility and innovative strength.

  • Hierarchical boundaries fall when it is clear to everyone that in this space of action, there are no predefined experts or responsibilities. Within a very short time, hidden talents reveal themselves and organic agreements regulate joint action.

  • We offer a sophisticated process that communicates your corporate culture on a deeper level. Whether you’re building a new team or consolidating several veteran teams, onboarding or preparing for a change, our tailor-made artistic interventions lend themselves to communicating meaningfulness and shaping the common goal sustainably.

Your Result

  • Your team shares a special and lasting experience.

  • Your team has tested itself as a team, with strengths, weaknesses, doubts, discussions and a lasting sense of achievement.

  • Your team members have learned more than just a cognitive technique through our creative approach. They adopt a different attitude towards their role and responsibility in the team.
“Organizing team building events nowadays is a double-edged sword. I would say that our campaign with handl.e pictures accelerated the process, which ultimately pays off in everyday business. The question is, do you invest less at the beginning and have a slower process connecting your entire team or do you rely on the wow effect, which is intense and, of course, costs a bit more compared to a narrow-track solution. But in the end the wow effect is priceless as you have a quantum leap!”
Susanne Burmester
Leadership Circle DB E.C.O. Group