Leadership Trainings

Our Mindset

Leadership is a very responsible role, not only professionally, but above all on a personal and social level. The demand on leaders today is higher than ever. They’re in demand as bridge builders, orientation providers and facilitators. They stand between the business concerns and the individual and social needs and expectations of their employees. They are no longer the ones running ahead, but instead are stepping back to ensure that everyone in the company knows the path, understands it and is willing to follow it.

In doing so, it is important to balance individualism and a sense of “we”, to clear obstacles and design safeguards in a meaningful way. This new understanding of leadership raises challenging questions:

  • How can we help orientate our employees in challenging times?
  • How do managers grow into leaders that their teams and people will follow?
  • How can we coordinate the activities and results of different corporate functions?
  • How can we create sustainable results of our actions in our complex world?
  • When our resources are too scarce, how do we distribute them properly?
  • How do we strengthen our innovation competencies?

Whether agile and self-organized or classic and hierarchical, leadership remains an elementary component of the organization. Leadership culture is always a key competitive advantage that companies should use for themselves.

We think of leadership holistically. Leaders are integrated into a complex social system and have a decisive influence on the direction, culture and dynamics of the company. Leaders need to understand and take into account the complex relationships and interactions within the system. Leadership influences structure and culture, the values and norms that shape employee behavior. Leaders must be aware of their responsibility towards the whole company and act transparently and ethically.

Your Request

  • You are looking for a compelling framework that motivates your leaders to engage at the highest level and improve their leadership skills, to deal boldly with unfamiliar issues and to curiously leave their comfort zone.

  • You are looking for a compelling format that empowers your leaders to adopt the mindset of modern leadership and confidently meet the challenges of the so-called VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

  • You want to establish a collaborative and interactive leadership approach in which your leaders see themselves as a team and understand the relevance of their role.

Our Approach

  • We develop a customised leadership programme that transforms your organisation’s current challenges and virulent issues from theoretical abstraction into applicable action.

  • We combine an experiential and learning setting in which we expose your leaders to artistic practices through which they develop an understanding of leadership that is lasting and memorable

  • Your leaders become leaders by discovering their creative genius in the shortest possible time and bringing it authentically into the company.

Your Result

Art can have a liberating effect in the truest sense of Schiller’s words, “Man … is only fully human where he plays.” Art can have this freeing effect and link up with a deeper cultural knowledge.
  • The reflection and transfer of artistic interventions to everyday business life enables your managers to develop an attitude of responsibility for future-oriented personnel and team development.

  • Your leadership team sees itself as a team, knows about its strengths and weaknesses and promotes a positive and constructive attitude.

  • Your management team works together in a solution-oriented, motivated, cooperative and reflective manner and is aware of its responsibility for the company.

  • Your management team sees the company as a whole and is able to shape cooperation effectively, deal with ambiguities and make decisions.
"On the importance of introspection and the moment of pause in the artistic process, all I can say as a leader is that you have to start with yourself and be sure you can lead well, be with yourself, before you can make an impact on your workforce and win others over to yourself and ideas."
Florian Klages
Managing Partner at torque.people, Ex CHRO