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Our Customer Stories

At handl.e pictures, we’re dedicated to supporting the development, growth and revival of cultures across all of the teams we work with. We’re delighted when that dedication is reflected back to us with such positive feedback. Check out a few of our many testimonials below. 

“I associate the work of Ernst Handl and his team at handl.e pictures with going beyond boundaries, experiencing unforgettable experiences, building communities, creating something unique — and not in a detached way, but in close relation to what is currently moving the company. After countless co-created art actions with Ernst and team, I’m full of anticipation for the next collaborative adventure to further develop our corporate culture.”
Jürgen Bock
Cultural Development & Corporate Value, OTTO Group
“My connection with Ernst Handl began with spontaneous sympathy. Our exchange of ideas led to a courageous action through shared visions of mental and also experiential spaces.
We shared this mental-emotional gain with the participants of our hands-on workshops. We took great pleasure in inviting interested people into these spaces so that they could recognize constricting patterns of thought to then take action and try something new.”
Jens Corssen
“handl.e pictures and team successfully designed and hosted our Managing Directors Meeting in Berlin. Not only with this event, but I am consistently impressed by Ernst and his team’s artistic impulses and action with which they have repeatedly enriched our regular corporate events at the Otto Group Academy. They continue to succeed again and again in surprising our employees (i.e., participants) in a playful way, taking them beyond their supposed creative limits. Their art actions have always very aptly symbolized the topic to be dealt with — be it visualizing our values or leadership learnings — at each event.”
Dr. Michael Otto
Otto Group
“I believe when we unveiled the ‘Daimler Genesis’ that was the historical moment in time when our leadership team truly embarked on the next chapter in our company's long history.

For me, that moment captured and characterized the spirit, optimism and promise of all we accomplished in our days together in Tuscaloosa!”
Dr. Dieter Zetsche
“I would like to thank Ernst and team for the dedicated cooperation of our event in Berlin. The response from our employee participants was extremely positive, and everyone enjoyed working on the ‘Bahlsen Book’. I also believe that our managers understood the symbolism and am confident that this book will become a sign of renewal in the group.”
Werner Bahlsen
"Your artistic interventions and artistic creations in corporations are stunning! I had the chance to witness their power and impact on several occasions. There is no better way to make intangible values, tangible and make them travel around an international organisation!"
Daniela Marzavan
Owner of Change Darer, Lecturer, Advisor, Researcher