Welcome to handl.e pictures

Started in 2001 by the artist and visionary Ernst Handl, handl.e pictures combines an artistic and philosophical background with the modern-day interfaces of business, culture and science to design events that encourage new insights and an often-needed change of perspective. By breaking participants out of their passive consumer roles in which motivation and desire can be completely lost, we help individuals and teams recognize themselves as responsible co-creators who deserve and prioritize an inspiring, emotion-led experience. Everything we do is guided by our analytical, creative, participatory and sustainable nature.

Our Mission

Where craft, creativity and co-creation collide.

We exist to use a combination of art, craftsmanship, creativity and co-creation to encourage collaboration and a deep sense of meaning.

We’re on a mission to create for the greater good and the bigger picture. Not satisfied with the short-lived hype of an awe moment, we carefully consider how to create active, long-lasting wonder and a passion for art and its ability to connect people, places and cultures across teams, oceans and politics.

Our determination to create enduring and memorable moments through co-creation delivers results that not only connect individuals to the art of co-creation and community building but also motivate people to seek opportunities for collaborating with their colleagues in a way that clearly and courageously embodies the company’s values.

We want to help develop, grow and revive both individual and collective identities and, in doing so, give deeper meaning to corporations, institutions and cultures — connecting people to a bigger purpose.

Our Vision

Creating Connection. Breaking Borders.

We support businesses, organizations and cultures in a way that connects with their identities — their bigger picture and the purpose embodied in their own vision, mission and values. 

Whether starting from scratch or reconnecting with existing ideologies, we focus on hands-on co-creation projects because there’s empowerment in the collective.

Our global vision and goal is to bring the world’s people and cultures closer together. In designing and hosting our art actions and team-building events, we highlight the positive impacts of co-creation and deliver a message of “creativity for good” — instilling empathy, understanding and care for each other, both within and amongst their own unique communities and cultures as well as those apart from their own.

Our Core Values

  1. Co-creation This raw and community-focused process is founded on the idea that creativity thrives when individuals know they are an important and needed contributor.

  2. Responsible risk-taking By courageously taking the risk of leaping out of the collective comfort zone, teams can find a flow zone where ideas are conceived and art comes alive.

  3. Commitment When you’re fully present and aware of the process, that’s when you can truly experience wonder, awe, creative epiphanies and even enlightenment.

  4. Openness Showing up means being receptive to the possibility of witnessing magic in the making, giving us the many benefits of a child-like sense of wonder and play.

  5. Playfulness Everyone, no matter their age, title or status, should make room for play — this fun-based value makes us smarter, more adaptable, more innovative and more empathetic.

  6. Trust Beyond asking participants to place their trust in the creative process, this core value allows the creation of strong bonds, where risks can be taken safely and with support.

  7. Transparency Although it goes hand in hand with openness and trust, this candor-based value stands on its own to show how establishing clear and honest expectations creates a safe space for being and adapting.

Want to dig deeper into our core values? Get to the core of it all on our blog post all about these core values.

Our Philosophy

At handl.e pictures, identity and art are one and the same. We know that to create one, you need the other — and that’s not something you can do in isolation. 

Through art, individuals can reclaim their creative power and better understand their identity, whether that’s where they’ve been or how they fit in and connect with others. 

To achieve this fundamental state, the hands of the individual must combine with the helping hands of others. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a unified creative collective to authentically co-create the bigger picture.

It’s in our DNA to drive connection. We inspire and empower companies, leaders, teams and individuals to communicate honestly with each other — and, in doing so, to create an open dialogue and a space for collaboration, one where connectivity flourishes and creativity thrives. Whether your event is spread out over one week or limited to just one afternoon, we foster an environment in which the collective power and creativity of the group takes over. By making sure that nobody hides in a corner or takes a passive role, each participant comes away from our events feeling empowered by the sense that they are an important and necessary part of the team.

Painting Our Philosophy

“For me, art is the art of combining.”
– Ernst Handle

Art is at the core of everything we do, which is why we’ve created this visual explanation to showcase how art, collectivity and co-creation intersect.