Change & Transformation Management

Our Mindset

Transformation is inevitable. Sometimes a decisive change is made in a company’s overall structure or a department. Other times it’s more subtle and organic. Either way we can help you manage the waves of change within as they ripple out.

Transformational changes can be found anywhere in a company. They can involve the structural organization, work processes, new products or services or a significant change in leadership.

A transformation always affects all aspects of a company, especially its culture. And corporate culture is one of the key determinants of the success or failure of change initiatives. Often, a transformation is accompanied by a fundamental shift in thinking and basic assumptions. This can mean challenging old thought patterns and habits. Sustainable transformation creates changes in the long term that influence and develop the entire company. This requires the active participation, a strong commitment and targeted communication of all actors involved in the company; because transformation needs a brilliant idea, an understandable purpose, a coherent setting in which the different stakeholders, such as employees, business partners, managers, customers and clients, with their individual conditions and starting situations, can meet on an equal level. 

Change & Transformation Management
„I can highly recommend handl.e pictures for all cases, where you are on a journey, where you are in transformation, where you need to bring people together, to bring people to support and achieve common goals.“
Niko Warbanoff
CEO at DB E.C.O. Group

Your Request

  • Your company is facing a change at the management level that will have a decisive influence on your culture.

  • You are planning to restructure your organizational structure (i.e. by reducing hierarchy, merging divisions or shifting responsibilities), and would like to prepare and involve your employees at an early stage.

  • You are changing work processes in your company (i.e. by introducing new technologies), and need the acceptance and trust of your employees to do so.

  • You are planning new forms of cooperation (i.e. agile working) and do not want to ignore your corporate culture in the process.

Our Approach

  • We support transformation by focusing on your culture and thereby increasing the acceptance of your change initiative.

  • We identify an artistic intervention that is right for you. What is needed for this?

  • Together with you, we address the questions: What embedding in existing processes is necessary, how can everyone experience the turning point positively?

  • We develop a cultural framework for your transformation in which all involved can contribute to a sustainable and community-oriented idea, and in which individual interests and short-sighted perspectives have no place.

Your Result

  • Your employees experience themselves as effective, valuable and informed in times of transformation.

  • The artistic process serves as a medium through which the experience of participation and effectiveness is communicated to your employees as a beacon beyond the project. You position yourself clearly on the issues of “heartfelt concern,” “public spirit” and “economic efficiency.”

  • You have the commitment of all participants to your change process.

  • Your employees experience the change through transformation as an improvement.
“Whenever such a jolt has to move through my organization, when I know there are new goals and new horizons to achieve, then handl.e pictures is on my prescription pad.”
Florian Klages
Managing Partner at torque.people, Ex CHRO