Our Creative Collaborations

Are made possible with the following partnerships

Affinity Productions

Affinity Productions is a film production company based in Berlin co-founded by Lea Kruse, Hugo Sousa and Fabio Otremba.

We began collaborating with Affinity Productions in 2020 with the production of three short stories brought to life through commercials under the concept “Learning with Passion“ for our client, Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt.

With the support of Lea Kruse’s creative direction, we also developed two remote art interventions for our client OTTO Group’s General Management Program (GMP) during the pandemic.

Lea has been behind the camera documenting most of our art interventions over the last decade, providing recorded “pictures” (or magical memories) of these live events for our clients to take away and forever hold onto.

We look forward to producing even more formats with Lea and company to support our clients on and off the camera.

Jürgen Bock

Jürgen Bock is a keynote speaker and one of Germany’s experts on corporate culture. He has decades of experience in guiding the transformation of culture into the digital world with his work in an international group context.

Our collaboration story with Jürgen began with the first high potential leadership training for the OTTO Academy in 2000 where together, as part of an art intervention, we created a life-sized snake made out of the clothes from hundreds of participants of which attended the Expo 2000 event in Hannover. The snake is showcased and continues to live on in The Guggenheim in New York City.

In 2011, Jürgen co-created with Ernst Handl a three-day “Art” module that touched on various valuable topics as part of the OTTO Group’s General Management Program (GMP). This programming supported several other companies like Heine, Bon Prix, EOS, SportScheck, Hermes, Manufactum, Franconia, Otto Hamburg, Limango and My Toys.

To this day, we continue to collaborate with Jürgen, and are very much looking forward to the next GMP in 2024!

Jens Corssen

Jens Corssen is a cognitive behavioral therapist, renowned speaker and best-selling author for his work in personality development. He specializes in mental stability and coaches elites from business executives to top athletes.

Our collaboration partnership began in 2010 when we co-designed the format “Lucca Circle” — a program concept that we iterated upon and co-facilitated together each year until 2019.

Together with Jens we guided high potential leaders twice a year for four days through our ambitiously creative programming that included an art co-creation activity at its core. The exclusive format was hosted by Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle and Nina Ruge in Lucca, Tuscany for selected leaders from DB, BASF, Telekom, Merck, Trumpf, Springer, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, Siemens, Continental, Lanxess and SGL Carbon.

Werkstatt Stabil Berlin

Gobi Hofmann and Jochen Liedke are the owners and artists behind the workshop community, Stabil Berlin.

Our collaboration with them dates back as far as 1994. Anything and everything that Ernst Handl designed to be implemented in steel as part of one of our collective client artworks was supported by Gobi’s professional expertise in the medium. There isn’t a technical or structural challenge that he hasn’t helped solve for us in these three decades of co-creating.