For the past decade, Kyra Marie Zoe Hensel has been guiding and co-creating with groups at various handl.e pictures art actions. Full of creative energy, charm and lots of dynamic cultural experiences, Kyra is always happy to be part of the team. She thrives on being able to bring out the best in those she supports.

From her earliest years, Kyra has used dance and music as a means of artistic expression, and that same heart carries through and can be seen in the way she brings fun and fluid movement into every art action, workshop and the development of performance sequences at handl.e pictures. 


Through her studies and experiences at Erfurt, Würzburg and the Vorau Abbey in Austria, Kyra gained specialist knowledge and expertise in the restoration of paintings and sculptures — something that taught her the importance of helping creations shine while staying true to their original nature.

Kyra understands the pressure that people — especially those who don’t consider themselves to be creative — can feel when trying to step into that realm. By helping individuals learn to connect with themselves and try new things, she teaches those she works with that they will be more happy when they forget about being perfect.