Corporate Culture & Identity

Our Mindset

You can ignore culture, but then you have an elephant in the room.

Corporate identity is crucial to creating a consistent and coherent image externally, as well as having a strong sense of belonging internally.

It influences how customers, employees and the public perceive and interact with the company. An essential component of the company’s identity is its culture, i.e. the values, beliefs and behaviors that prevail within it and shape its external image. Values provide orientation for action and offer a compass of behavior for individual employees in their daily decisions and actions. The strategic management instruments of mission, vision and purpose are oriented towards culture.

With the regular need for structural changes, for example, in the hierarchy or the discussion of having a hybrid or home office, as well as strategic adjustments to the environment or the market, it is essentially the culture of the company that is challenged. It decides whether employees stay or go. It shapes the behavior as well as the way of thinking in the company and connects the people who work within it.

Culture is complex and, unlike structure and strategy, it is not a given that can be easily decided upon — it can be established first and foremost through concrete, true doing. Therefore, it is also culture that has a significant influence on structure and strategy (i.e. through the type of communication, hierarchy, processes, rules, power, roles, customers, etc.). Culture has a decisive impact on effectiveness, efficiency and quality as well as performance and behavior in the company. Changes in culture can only be achieved with conscious effort.

Your Request

  • You want to work out the vision and mission of your company and anchor them as generally valid goals in the company.

  • You would like to know which values guide the actions of your company.

  • You would like to actively communicate, creatively visualize and consolidate your corporate values.

  • You would like to use your corporate values for various internal and external instruments, (i.e. for leadership premises and concepts, an employer branding concept or methods for customer loyalty).

  • You would like to review your corporate values, (i.e. after a company merger).

Our Approach

  • With us you get an experiential engagement with your culture and values.

  • We visualize your values through extraordinary art actions.

  • We reduce the complexity of the topic without making it banal. Our focus is on the essential.

  • Together with you, we establish a manageable corporate culture for your structural and strategic orientation.

  • Based on your values, we adapt your mission statement and communication tools.

Your Result

  • You have identified your mission, your vision and your purpose as key steering tools.

  • You know your corporate values and actively manage your culture.

  • Your employees identify rationally and emotionally with the company’s values and derive actual behavioral maxims from them.

  • On the basis of your authentic culture, you implement sustainable HR instruments, such as an employer branding strategy and leadership premises.

  • You have established appropriate measures for all stakeholders to communicate your culture.

  • You have clarity and orientation in a complex market situation, which facilitates management decision-making in particular.
“ As a manager who not only has a business interest in the economic development of the company, but also needs to keep an eye on employee development, team spirit and values, I thoroughly enjoyed visualizing our values together with the handl.e picture. I will say my team's expectations were very wait-and-see and a bit skeptical at the beginning. But in the end, the mood was completely turned around and everyone was having a blast! We had a lot of fun! Many thanks to Dr. Tanja Gluding and Kirsten Hense-Handl.”
Berthold Becker
Managing Director TSC Real Estate GmbH
“Our company is a young company going through a major transformation. That's why the process we went through with handl.e pictures was so incredibly beautiful. We designed a mandala together and have it in our office that showcases our values and even more importantly that we created said values together. Everyone who participated continues to tell me with shining eyes how much they enjoyed that event. The culture in the company is everything. We are faced with major challenges and we can only achieve them if we all pull together and have one solid team spirit. That’s exactly what we did in this co-creation process: we pulled together as one.”

“I had a lot of favorite moments during the art action with handl.e pictures. First the moment of creation, to find and collect ideas and try to include them into a picture. This was really fascinating. But also the implementation work, to do the hard stuff, to hammer tiles and collect stones and bring it into the picture. We laughed so much and had so many nice moments. It was fun.“
Dr. Jens Röder