Our Services

Every organization has its own needs and nuances. That’s why, whenever our handl.e pictures experts work on a project, we combine fluidity, creativity and care to make sure that your experience is both meaningful and straightforward. Whether you choose to book an art action, art intervention, leadership training session, team-building workshop, studio space session or fully bespoke event, we will work hard to make sure you get a unique experience that connects, unites and inspires.
Leadership is a very responsible role, not only professionally, but above all on a personal and social level. This is why it’s important to invest in your leaders’ continued education and care.
Teams are highly complex units within a company with individual personalities who take on defined roles and have their own expectations. They need consistent nurturing so everyone can thrive together as one.
Transformation is inevitable. Sometimes a decisive change is made in a company’s overall structure or a department. Other times it’s more subtle and organic. Either way we can help you manage the waves of change within as they ripple out.
Corporate identity is crucial to creating a consistent and coherent image externally, as well as having a strong sense of belonging internally.

We’ve been working as a creative impulse generator for over 25 years at the intersection of business, culture and science with the aim of initiating renewal processes in companies. We believe the greatest treasure of any company is its employees.

Because of which, we see a need to ask our clients these essential questions:

  • How do employees recognize their value in your company and how can this be used to increase your company’s success?
  • What keeps your company and your teams thriving together?
  • What enables and motivates your employees to work together and to face new challenges?

The focus of our work is on the culture of your company. Because when corporate management focuses on culture it always pays off and is especially crucial in times of crisis and transformation processes.

Our approach to improving the culture of a company is through participatory art. By actively involving your employees in a creative process, we create a unique and collaborative experience that impacts the day-to-day work life with lasting benefits. When your employees experience real challenges and see how their participation effects the success of the end goal,, they are awarded with pride which has a lasting positive effect on the employees’ well-being.

Our topics, with which we create your success, are: Culture, Leadership, Team Spirit and Transformation.

“DB International Operations is currently undergoing a major transformation process. We have a rapid increase in new employees and have major projects to implement worldwide in North America, Egypt and India. In that respect, this global growth needs everyone's commitment right now. Ernst explained to me earlier that a creative process is very important for teams. And we need to incorporate creativity and create new impulses. I need that, we all need that to positively transform."
Niko Warbanoff
CEO at DB E.C.O. Group