Meet Our Creative Collective — A Vibrant Team of Co-creators

For more than three decades, our handl.e pictures founder and visionary artist Ernst Handl has been designing and implementing art actions across the globe. Inspired by the unifying power of creativity, Ernst brought together brilliant minds to form the collective now known as handl.e pictures.

The roots of our collective are deep — stretching back to the early 90s, when we were known as Story-Dealer. Over the years, we’ve evolved our name and honed our approach, but we’ve always kept our core values central to make sure that everything we do stays true to our analytical, creative, participatory and sustainable nature.

When you choose to co-create with our collective, you know you’re going to be working with creative experts who’ll use a combination of art, craftsmanship, creativity and co-creation to encourage collaboration and a deeper sense of meaning. Check out our profiles below to meet some of the imaginative minds you’ll be working with.

Ernst Handl

Founder, Visionary and Artist

“My favorite thing about art is becoming one with the picture — both creating it and dissolving into it.”

Kirsten Hense-Handl

Co-Founder and Artist

Let’s use art to create a better world.

Kyra Marie Zoe Hense


It’s such a joy to be able to accompany people in discovering their hidden talents.

Tina Handl



Lea Kruse

Filmmaker, Director

I’m addicted to observing and scrutinizing the deeper levels of human behavior.

Dr. Tanja Gluding

Organizational Sociologist

Taking targeted measures can help create a lively, open and modern working environment.

Megan Lillick

Creative Empowerer and Marketer

“It’s way more fun creating something together!”

Maik Borchert


“I literally cannot work without music.” – David Carson