Founder, Visionary and Artist

Ernst Handl is a fun, flexible and fiercely creative artist and visionary. As someone who always brings an empowering energy into everything he makes or co-creates, his heart picks up its beat when what he calls an “art adventure” begins. For Ernst, conceptualizing the big idea of every art adventure through a sculpture, picture or symbolic object that aligns with a company’s vision and values is his first thrill. Then, the fun adrenaline kicks in when pitching the creative concept to the client. Once given the green light, Ernst finds his purest art adventure bliss in preparing for the art event and realizing the co-creation through to the final piece with the client’s team.
Ernst Handl
Ernst’s artistic trajectory is one he’s proud of, and he enjoys sharing his learnings — particularly the process of creating — with others. Working with everyone from business professionals to emerging and established artists, he enjoys waking up the “sleeping” creative talents in everyone!
Having grown up with a love of art, Ernst studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 1970 to 1974, where he learned that being able to paint precisely was important — but not as important as being courageous when expressing oneself. In 1979, Ernst spent a year and half in Crete living in old monasteries and painting nature. A few years later, he made his move to the big city of Berlin, where he’s been creating ever since.