Filmmaker, Director

As an filmmaker and director, Lea Kruse is driven by a need to observe and explore the deeper levels of human behavior and then bring the characters to life in an authentic, multidimensional way. In putting those skills to use for handl.e pictures for numerous art actions over the past 15 years, Lea has a long history of helping individuals, organizations, companies and corporate entities get in touch with their complex layers of being.

Having studied performing arts in Berlin, Lea has more than a decade of experience working as a freelance actress, artist, film director and screenwriter.

Her dynamic experiences — whether that’s combining film art and live performances in a public place, founding a collective of actors and filmmakers called All Change Please, or co-founding a Berlin-based film production company called Affinity Productions — make her an expert when it comes to public speaking, team-building activities and more.
While you may recognize her from her work in various films, television productions and theaters — including at the Staatstheater Neustreliz and the the Hipgnosis Theatre in New York City — Lea is also a somatic bodywork practitioner who uses movement and bodywork techniques to support and coach clients on their individual life journeys.