Co-Founder and Artist

When corporate leaders who participate in handl.e pictures‘ art interventions come out of an event amazed that they, too, can create pictures and express complex subject areas artistically, Kirsten Hense-Handl is beyond satisfied — she’s thrilled.

To Kirsten, the formative power of art creates valuable, tangible insights that are often easier to work with and build on than intangible concepts. By shifting the focus to making corporate values and mission statements more tangible and accessible, the process naturally brings art to the forefront of companies‘ cultures — even if „creativity“ is not a core business element.


For the past three decades, Kirsten has enjoyed developing and staging stories and events that enchant everyone involved — building on her passion for social, educational and environmental causes while encouraging each individual to enter new spaces of the human experience. Her artistic and pedagogical training at the Berlin University of the Arts laid the foundation for her passion in the arts. Ever since, she’s brought her artistic expertise into co-designing countless formats for leadership training sessions and corporate cultural events at handl.e pictures. As a world traveler who’s equally at home in her Kreuzberg studio or out on the high seas, Kirsten thrives when teaching many artistic techniques to those keen to learn and co-create.