Organizational Sociologist

With a long history as an organizational sociologist, Dr. Tanja Gluding has spent the better part of two decades lending her expertise to companies — especially to those in phases of growth, development, restructuring or strategic refocusing.

An expert in her field, Tanja has multiple degrees and qualifications, including a master’s degree in psychology and sociology from RWTH Aachen University, a doctorate in sociology and organizational sociology from FernUniversität in Hagen, and a qualification in systemic organizational consulting from Helm Stierlin Institut Heidelberg.


By viewing companies as communities in which people work together to achieve a goal that could not be accomplished alone, Tanja has been able to focus on corporate culture — reflected not just in the words said but mostly on the actions taken — and how that culture corresponds to corporate structure and strategic orientation.

Using two key questions as a starting point (namely, what do people in companies do and what reasons do they have for their actions), Tanja combines her fascination with art and her sociological expertise for various projects at handl.e pictures. Having joined the team in 2023, she focuses on helping companies cleverly and specifically do what fits — using curiosity, passion, confidence, creativity and resilience to show how art is extremely effective and beneficial.