Our Approach

How we work

The Bridge Principle

Like a bridge, thoughts from different shores — or creative minds — connect each other.

Based on our experience and understanding of the powerful benefits of art, we work in a strategic, creative and open-ended way to bridge meaning making with tangible purpose-driven results.

In doing so, we take into account the diverse relationships and interactions within our clients’ organizations. We align our measures in such a way that everyone involved develops the creative confidence that they are all capable of creatively contributing to a convincing result. The possibility of failure must also be known and included in the co-creation process, otherwise, whatever the project or event may be would not be a real challenge.

Our Approach

Our method of participatory art is characterized by three central points:

  1. Surprise
    We exceed all expectations of tried-and-tested formats of trainings, meetings and summits with our unique art-centered programming through what we call an “act of creation.”
    By this we mean, we lift clients out of the “business as usual” pace of the day-to-day by disrupting their known patterns, getting them to think and act differently in order to see with wonder, their leadership practices, corporate values and/or evolving culture in a new light.
  2. Escaping Comfort Zone
    We lead clients into an innovative space where they wouldn’t typically go for reasons of personal inclination (“it’s not my thing”), lay status (“this is not my core competence”) or pre-assumption (“I’m not creative”). We believe in escaping one’s comfort zones in order to really live and grow from the experience. Upon returning to the comfort zone, clients realize they’re more enriched with unexpected and incredible epiphanies.
  3. Aesthetics
    It is important to sharpen all senses and use clear perception before forming judgements. We help develop clients’ competencies to express emotions and explore mechanisms of action. We support clients in their understanding, appreciation and application of aesthetic phenomena in their everyday professional lives.
"From my experience creating in the handl.e picture studio, you’re invited to listen to your own voice, far away from the analytical processes to really immerse in the creative space and process to get in flow to create. Encountering this kind of process is of utmost importance for everyone, especially in today's very technical business context."
Florian Klages
Managing Partner at torque.people, Ex CHRO


We listen, critically question and focus on what is necessary, feasible and meaningful for your business.

We work carefully and goal-oriented to gain a concrete understanding of your concerns and mission. We keep your capacities, resources and budget in mind as we analyze and strategize a course of action.

We don’t use ready-made models and templates. Everything we do is custom to your needs, and we work together on a practical co-creation process that leads to suitable solutions.

We incorporate scientific findings and methods as well as current approaches into our work, however, only what makes sense and is necessary.


We believe companies function as communities. And they require the active involvement of as many employees as possible to work together in a process whether that’s going through a big internal transformation or a global cultural merger. Our work is always characterized by interaction, co-creation, dialogue, discussion and reflection.

Participatory art is characterized by actively participating. By doing. In participatory art, we involve and connect both the visible existing culture with the tangible necessary competencies that employees and, especially, managers will need to successfully lead companies into the future. Those soft skills and characteristics being curious and confident and having passion and resilience, as well as the willingness to take risks and continually overcome doubts, criticisms and crises.


In an often complex and constantly changing organizational environment, we move steadily step by step to individually tailor measures towards realizing your event, training, what be it. As consultants, coaches and sparring partners, we support and engage with your ideas by regularly reflecting on the effects of your actions in order to adapt, iterate and integrate them further. We draw on the proven network of partners we have built up over the past 25 years in the arts, science and business in order to support us with this iterative and collaborative process.


Our work processes are transparent. As such, we pay close attention to the availability of your social and economic resources to bring corresponding sustainable practices to future-proof your company.