We dig deeper to find depth in our meaning making.

Co-creation. We believe in the creative competence of the collective. When individuals know they are an important and needed contributor, the group benefits. We know that, beyond creating a safe space, creativity thrives when more heads and hands are on deck to influence one another and create an inventive solution. Whether that’s envisioning values, clarifying a corporate identity or future-proofing a future, co-creation is a raw and community-focused process that ultimately creates a collective masterpiece — one with all the more meaning and a sense of both purpose and clarity for the bigger picture.

Risk-taking with rationale. We’re risk-takers, but not reckless mess-makers. We’re daring and adventurous like all protagonists in every Disney movie ever made. Within this core value, we lean into the understanding that humans can do and endure hard things. In this regard, we tend to step out of the box to safely push the boundary of the collective’s creative comfort zone, allowing them space to leap into the risky realm of the flow zone where ideas are conceived and art comes alive.

Commitment. We’re committed with our full presence to every single moment in the making. In fact, we believe that presence and commitment are interchangeable synonyms. From client projects to event participants and even our fellow team members, we are completely there in mind, body and team spirit, topped up with our utmost positive energy and creative empowerment. We ask for this same commitment back from our clients and participants, because when one is fully present and aware of the process, that’s when they can truly experience wonder, awe, creative epiphanies and even enlightenment. And finally, in order to fully experience the ebb and flow of co-creating — as art is a flowing process — it takes dropping inhibitions and maintaining attention to the little moments. They ultimately come together to create bigger pictures.

Openness. This value is best explained by Rick Rubin in his book the Creative Act: A Way of Being when he says, “Being open to possibility gets you to a place you want to go that you may not know you wanted to get to.” We understand that, as creatives, it’s important to keep our creative mind’s eye open, as inspiration for a new possible start or angle when creating art can be found anywhere. When it comes to participants, we also hope that this openness to possibility means they show up receptive to the possibility of witnessing magic in the making. This openness to experience in the magical moments of creating (art) allow for child-like wonder and play, which leads us into our next core value.

Playfulness. As we grow up and join the workforce, opportunities for play tend to escape our to-dos. This shouldn’t be the case, as we believe everyone, no matter their age, title or status, should make room for play — and it doesn’t have to happen in a playground. It can be at your office, studio or at that evening flamenco dance class you’ve been eyeing lately. We know that making time and space for playfulness is not only good for our bodies and minds, it’s also good for encouraging creativity and innovation in a way that bolsters the bottom line. As Stuart Brown M.D. and Christopher Vaughan wrote in their book Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul: “Neuroscientists, developmental biologists, psychologists, social scientists and researchers from every point of the scientific compass now know that play is a profound biological process. It has evolved over eons in many animal species to promote survival. It shapes the brain and makes animals smarter and more adaptable. In higher animals, it fosters empathy and makes possible complex social groups. For us, play lies at the core of creativity and innovation.”

Trust. This is one of those tried-and-true values that many organizations talk about — and for good reason. It’s powerful and a solid building block for building relationships, businesses and innovation. We take this value to heart and fully trust in our teammates and co-creators, creating a strong bond where risks can be taken safely and with support. But more than that, with this core value, we also lean into trusting in the creative process, which isn’t always easy and doesn’t always flow forward. Sometimes it’s messy. Other times, it’s clear and clinical. Either way the process flows, having trust in it will allow the journey to unfold and, in the end, the bigger picture to be told.

Transparency. To us, this value is technically another facet of openness and trust. However, we believe it’s strong enough to stand on its own, as it delves more into clarity and honesty, which ultimately work together to create a safe space for being. Transparency is key to co-creating effectively and with ease. When everyone knows what’s going on from the get-go, expectations are clear, and participants are set up for success with a clean slate or blank canvas. And as art is emotive, it’s important for our team, clients and participants to be honest with each other in order to express, share and let the co-creation flow with fun, honesty and ease.