Why handl.e pictures, you ask? Well, it’s actually quite simple. In short, handl.e pictures is a play on words of our founder and visionary, Ernst Handl’s name. Written as such, handl.e is a combination of his last name and the initial of his first name. And adding pictures, a word with multiple meanings, to the end connects our purpose to co-create on collective projects for the greater good to a much bigger picture.

There’s even more to unpack of the meanings behind the individual words that make up our name, so we’ll break it down for you here:

Handle (verb)
The verb “to handle” means to hold or operate with the hands. We’re always all hands on deck to support each other and our clients’ projects. And everything we do is hands-on. We’re creators. We conceptualize in our mind but create with our hands.

At the same time, “to handle” also means to have responsibility for something. This is why you often hear the phrase, “Handle with care.” Creating anything can be risky and even messy at times, but that doesn’t mean we create recklessly. In fact, we always work in safe spaces with strategic and safety plans in place.

Also leaning into this second meaning, as creatives we believe it’s our responsibility to bring the good word of co-creation and collectivity to the world where creativity and collaboration are accessible to all.

Pictures (noun)

The word pictures has a dual meaning in that creations often start as depictions in the mind until they are drawn out on paper or whatever your medium of choice might be.

Creating pictures, or rather, making creations is the work of an artist. It’s what we do. It’s our craft. Whether we make literal pictures with pen on paper or motion pictures with film on camera, we are creating something out of nothing. And that’s the pure joy and craft of creating.

When we create with others making ourselves, space and artwork even bigger, wider, stronger together — our picture becomes that much greater for the greater good. When we work as a team, we create cohesion, which opens up streams of communication, creativity and collective flow.

To handle pictures (merging the verb with the noun)

We create with our hands to connect with the bigger picture, which is the creative outcome that develops organically when co-creating with others i.e. colleagues, your local community or world at large.