A keen eye in gloomy times?

For our spiritus rector Ernst Handl, the eagle is something of a power animal.

We will never forget the story of how Ernst was instructed by a falconer to carry a young eagle on his arm through a field. The female eagle was blindfolded so that she was completely dependent on her bearer. Despite her youth, the queen of the skies was already quite heavy. She countered any awkwardness in her gait, any trembling and swaying of her bearer’s arm muscles with a nervous flapping of her wings. In the end, however, Ernst had done a very good job and the eagle visibly calmed down and tenderly rubbed her sharp beak against his cheek. As Ernst does not deal with eagles on a daily basis, he did not immediately realize that this was a gesture of trust. Even when the falconer pointed it out to him, he couldn’t really relax, as her beak, along with her strong talons, had recently cost the life of a rabbit.

The encounter with the bird of prey reminded Ernst of the respect for instincts and determination when hunting: grab it when your sharp eyes spot the opportunity.

With this in mind, we wish ourselves and everyone a successful hunt for the good and valuable things that nourish us.