Who We Are

We are a vivacious team of visionaries, creative minds and makers, drivers and doers from all over the world. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, our handl.e pictures experts design and deliver bespoke collaborative projects for digital, in-person and hybrid teams globally.

Who We Co-create With

Our handl.e pictures team supports all teams, from nonprofit organizations and high-growth startups to Fortune 500 corporations and educational or cultural institutes. 

We use art as our guide — not because we expect you to be an artist but because we believe the process of creating provides the perfect opportunity for risk, child-like play and collective wonder.

Through events that make and shake things up, we’ve guided hundreds of teams through times of change, uncertainty, transformation and growth — think acquisitions, mergers, new investments, entering new markets and adapting to changing markets. Our strategic approach to shaking things means we can help the pieces settle into place with more direction, purpose and impact — resulting in a high-quality, authentic collective culture.

What We Do

We work headfirst and hands-on — using a fast and diligent approach that combines fluidity, creativity and care — to create bespoke experiences, leadership trainings, team-building workshops and corporate events that focus on the art and awe of co-creation by empowering the collective. From the moment you book with us, your dedicated action artist will be on hand to flexibly respond as the situation evolves, making sure the experience is both meaningful and straightforward.

Everything we do is done with the utmost respect for the collective — be that the human resources of your company or the final outcome or artwork created during one of our art actions. 

We call our events “art actions” because together, we collaborate with you to create a masterpiece with meaning.
To us, helping business leaders and their teams make their corporate values visible doesn’t just mean pulling out a page of their employee handbook and framing it on the wall.

Working with us will allow you to create something bigger and more tangible — something with a powerful, ongoing impact that lasts and permeates across the entire company, spanning even departments, cultures and oceans.

In simplest terms, we help businesses utilize creative making, collectively, to find a common language that connects, unites and inspires — even in times of great change.

Why Art Actions Matter

Now more than ever, businesses need to invest in sustainable practices — one of which is the retention of talent. If employee turnover is high, that not only gives a company a bad rep, it also costs a lot of money.

Today, companies can save face and finances by investing in the employee experience and ensuring that each employee believes in and embodies the brand. Research shows that it pays to invest in team building, creativity and fun. When employees have the chance to let go of logic and dig into co-creation, that’s when ingenuity and teamwork thrive. Ultimately, these key investments in acquisition and retention can pay off in subtle and surprising ways — like growing the customer base, encouraging brand affinity and increasing the bottom line.


Common Understanding

Develop a unifying language for teams in times of change.

Lived Values

Make mission statements tangible with powerful, ongoing results.

Passionate Actions

Encourage ingenuity, teamwork and intentional co-creation.

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